Svetoslav Nikolov gives invited talk at 2010 IEEE International Ultrasonic Symposium "Practical Applications of Synthetic Aperture Imaging"

Invited talk at 2010 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium - "Practical Applications of Synthetic Aperture Imaging"

A system designer and entrepreneur by heart. I am fascinated by technology and I like making things. My second passion is to disseminate knowledge. I appreciate good (graphics) design and strive that all my work looks and feels nice.

My specialties include:  Medical Imaging, Digital Signal and Image Processing, Software Development

I joined BK Medical in August, 2008 as a  System Engineer. I am part of the R&D Technologies and Applications group. In my job I

  • Initiate, coordinate and implement feasibility studies.
  • Identify and introduce new key technologies in cooperation with academic and industry partners.
  • Look for potential industry and academic collaborations.
  • Invent new imaging and signal processing algorithms.
  • Advise PhD, MSc, and BSc students.
  • Design new system architectures.
  • Specify and design new products.
Prior to joining BK Medical, I was an Associate Professor in Electronics and Signal Processing at the Technical University of Denmark. There I established a digital electronics lab and a real-time signal processing lab. My research was in the field of ultrasound imaging, and I was a part of the Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging (CFU), led by Prof. Jørgen Arendt Jensen. He was also my advisor during my Ph.D. studies.  Together we have published more than 40 scientific papers. BK Medical and CFU have been partners for over a decade now, and we are working on introducing some the technologies developed at the center in real products.
My personal interest include: graphic and industrial design, product development, and management of creativity and innovation.
I update this blog rarely, but the good will is there :).
If you would like to learn more about my past employment, you may visit my LinkedIn profile. For a list of publications you may want to visit my Mendeley Profile.
Occasionally I post this and that on Twitter.

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